About Me

I am a writer/editor with two decades of experience across a broad range of topics. My educational background includes BA and an MS in Anthropology as well as minors in humanities and political science. I worked for many years in educational publishing and the translation industry, but felt the tug of the muse in 2010 and became a full-time self-employed writer/editor. As a writer my areas of interest include languages/linguistics, politics, business and finance, health and nutrition, outdoor leisure, travel, sports and poker. As an editor I specialize in translation projects and editing the writing of non-native English speakers.

In my spare time I read and write science fiction, play a good bit of poker (both online and live), and try hard to eat healthily (but well) and get out for a bike ride several times a week. I am also an active volunteer at the Austin Children’s Shelter and work as a mentor and tutor with disadvantaged youth.

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