Bicycle Helmets and Children

Bicycle helmets are a basic piece of safety equipment, and all riders, especially children, should wear one while riding. In fact, many states and localities now mandate that bicycle riders wear helmets. Numerous studies have shown that helmets are very effective in reducing the severity of head injuries in bicycle accidents, which is especially important with children who are naturally more susceptible to head and brain injuries.

Importance of Bicycle Helmets

Several decades of research and dozens of studies have conclusively demonstrated the importance of wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle. While no substitute for safe, responsible bicycling, a good helmet not only protects from impact and blunt trauma, but also offers protection from penetration by sharp objects or corners. A well-designed helmet also offers some protection to the neck and upper spine as it prevents or minimizes whiplash.

Bicycle Helmet Statistics

Some sobering statistics from the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute bring home the importance of bicycle helmet use in children:

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